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About J & S

In 1988 Jeff and Sharon Shultz, had an opportunity to start their own business. With a push mower, a weed eater, and a blower they created the parent company known as J & S Landscape and Design. Jeff was a designer at heart and while the maintenance side of the business took off he continued in his passion of landscape design and the demand for plants and material increased. An opportunity to open a nursery then presented itself to him, allowing him to meet the growing demand for product and the need for a “home base” for the landscape company. J & S Nursery, a spinoff company of J & S Landscape and Design, started in 1995 on a little plot of land in Havelock, NC.   The nursery’s mission to serve the local communities with the same mission as J & S Landscape and Design: Provide quality products and service at a reasonable price. The nursery strived to stand out among other plant retailers including the “big box” stores. They only bought quality plants from quality growers that give the same care and attention to the plants at J & S. They also specialized in unique tropical house plants and bringing new and exciting shrubs to the area, which made gardening and landscaping more fun and unique. Busting at the seams and having a huge need to move the landscaping business completely away from their home, J & S moved their nursery and office to a larger location in Newport, NC. This new location not only allowed for growth at the nursery but also gave the landscape company a place to park their trucks and equipment.   J & S Nursery continued to grow, expanding their plant product, landscape material, and their knowledge of anything outdoors! At this location J & S started dabbling in giftware and home décor which was the base for a huge expansion for J & S in the future. In 2006, a new and exciting opportunity to purchase land on HWY 70 presented itself to Jeff and Sharon. With 2 successful businesses in need of more room and a great business plan, they set to break ground at their new property. J&S Nursery BldgThey built their office to be a log cabin. This 13000 sq ft building not only homes the headquarters to all of the J & S businesses but also houses the famous “Blossom’s Gift Shoppe.”   J & S also, expanded all of their plant areas including 4 green houses, several hoop houses, and a maintenance building to handle the landscape company’s needs. J & S took advantage and designed the retail space to show off some of their work and products in outdoor living spaces, hardscapes, and landscapes by creating a living showroom. You can visit their patio where you can lounge around a fire place, or view an outdoor kitchen space, walk the courtyard where you can see a beautiful hardscape design, and enjoy our landscaped areas around the place. You may also see examples of their work at their newest business to the J & S Family, Butterfly Kisses Pavilion an outdoor event venue. J & S strives to continue to stand out among other plant retailers bringing new ideas and product to the area. Throughout this time of growth, J & S continued to meet the demands and needs of the community through product and knowledge provisions and through charity. They have consistently supported several local recreational sports teams, school donations, plant & service donations, and much more.  In 2014, J & S Nursery held their first fundraiser event, they called “Girls Night Out.” This event raised awareness and funds for the Crystal Coast Autism Center. J & S hopes to continue this event every year and adding more events like it to share in its community service.