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Hot Springs Spas – Sales and Service

HotSpring Spas-

The Most Luxurious Spa of HotSpring Spas- Check out the new Highlife NXT Collection. Their design was assisted by the BMW Group Design USA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIIivbkgBMA   Video for this spa

Why HotSprings Spas? A spa provides the powerful combination of massage and hot water. We strive to do these things better with one-of-a-kind massage, innovative water care systems, and features that keep water hot and operating costs low. Plus, you can count on our decades of experience and our unparalleled customer care for the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®.Hot Spring-Logo-2013-EnergySmart

So why not relieve stress, sleep better and feel younger! These are just a few reasons to think about buying a hot tub. We know shopping for a hot tub can be completely overwhelming. At J & S, there is no need to add the stress of purchasing a product meant to reduce stress! Let our professionally trained sales team guide you through the sales process in choosing the HotSpring Spa that is right for you. . Click here to learn more details about how to buy a spa and important questions you should ask when purchasing a spa.

All of our HotSpring spa sales includes local delivery and basic backyard installation of you spa. We can get your spa running in little time and show you the simplicity of working and caring for your spa.

HotSprings offers a wide array of choices to give you the individual customized spa experience you desire. Click the links below to view the models and customizations of each collection you may choose from.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE5fnjg4yi8&list=PL7E5CF36CDE723DA7&index=6 personal experience
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vh4kOjDmPQ –Ace salt water sanitizing system

Highlife Collection NXT- http://www.hotspring.com/shop-hot-tub-models
LimeLight Collection- http://www.hotspring.com/shop-hot-tub-models/limelight

HotSpot Collections- http://www.hotspring.com/shop-hot-tub-models/hotspot

Come visit the showroom at J & S Nursery to feel and experience the different HotSpring collections.

Already a HotSpring Spa owner?  J & S carries a wide range of accessories and upgrades from covers to entertainment centers. Click here for more helpful information for HotSpring Spa owners. http://www.hotspring.com/hot-tub-owners

J & S professional certified and trained service technicians can help you troubleshoot any issues or concerns.

J & S offers water testing and chemical product to help you maintain your HotSpring Spa at its best.

Whether you want to buy a HotSprings spa or service your existing J & S can help you!